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Two and Half-inch Life

A thought came to my mind as I was watching a cigarette getting burned.

As I saw the cigarette burning into ashes, I thought our life has many similarities with it. We just resemble a cigarette in many ways. Most of us are just like a cigarette, we live our life and get burned to ashes. We get older just like a cigarette gets shortened every second after getting lit. We grow older and every day we live, we get burned or get closer to death.

In this journey, we meet many people, some become close to us. We become close to people as we live and socialize, just like the ash falling down from the cigarette tends to stick together .

The ash formed thus falls down due to different reasons. In the same way, due to different situations, we lose our friends. The people who once were close to us get scattered and become memories of the past.

But sometimes, ash is made to fall by tapping. We tap the cigarette and make the ash fall. In the very same way, we lose friends because of our own actions or mistakes. We break trust and promises and the closest ones go far away from us.

After all, a cigarette burns itself only to give relaxation to others. It burns to make others happy. Just in the same manner, we live every moment of our life only to make someone else happy. We live our life for others and die for others.

As this thought ran through my mind I understood why people say, "Live Life King Size."

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