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Illusion of light

'Truth' is a word which describes reality. It describes a situation or a thing which actually exists in present or use to exist.

Until now all philosophers, all scientists  and the educated men told or made us believe that 'light' is the symbol of "truth". They thought light is the thing which shows us the truth or rather leads us towards the truth.

I was bit confused so decided to give it a thought. I found some problem agreeing with the theory they gave. I was not able to convince myself with what the people believed and followed. Because of all this I started thinking about the ability of light and the truth shown by it.

During this process of thinking, I came across darkness and realized that light is always less educated than Darkness.

Darkness, we all thought that its just a black space where we cannot see or realize the things around us. We thought darkness is a symbol or an alternative for "lie". We thought darkness is equal to lie because we are not able to see or visualize things which existed in the real world in the darkness.

In my thought process I found something really weird and contradicting the theory which was being followed blindly.

I found that light actually represents a lie or a world which lie wants to represent. Light does not include all things which exist in this universe. Light creates an illusion, which makes us see what light wants us to see. It tries to hide things from our vision or from our knowledge.

But on the other hand darkness includes everything in itself. It doesn't hide things; but we are less educated or do not have the ability to see in the darkness. Sometime darkness gives the answer to the questions which light failed to answer. Darkness shows us everything, but being believing that light is the ultimate truth, we are unable to see in darkness or never tried to search things.

An example for the illusion created by light is the sky itself. During day time, we see that there is only one star called "SUN" in the sky. But is that the "TRUTH"? Along with the sun other stars also existed. Due to the light from the sun we are unable to see the stars in the sky during the day time. So this is a kind of illusion or lie that light creates. Then comes the night  which is dark. During the night, we are able to see stars twinkling.

These thoughts gave me a rough idea of what darkness is and how light is an illusion or a false face. Now I am more curious and want to explore darkness. My mind has become inquisitive thinking what this darkness is all about. I eagerly want to know the "DARKNESS" and its ways of revealing the truth in a different perspective.     

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